Common Softball Injuries

Although it’s not a contact sport like football or hockey, softball can still take a toll on the body for all who play. Like all sports ailments, there are two types of injuries one can sustain by playing softball: overuse injuries, which occur over time due to stress on the muscles, joints, and soft tissues without proper time for healing; and acute or traumatic injuries, which occur due to sudden force or impact, and can be quite dramatic.

Don’t let an injury get you down – mind vs. body health

How often do we hear, “play through the pain” or “it will get better once you start moving it?” when we sustain an injury? More often than not, these slogans are more harmful than helpful. If your body says that it’s hurt, then take the message seriously and use your mind to help the healing process along. Not listening to your body is a good way to aggravate an injury.

North Central Surgical Center Recognized for High-Quality Care

Local Hospital Receives Texas Hospital Quality Improvement Award

Dallas, Texas, 5/1/14 – North Central Surgical Center has received the Texas Hospital Quality Improvement Gold Award from TMF® Health Quality Institute, the Medicare Quality Improvement Organization for Texas. The Texas Hospital Quality Improvement Award program, sponsored by TMF, Texas Hospital Association and Texas Organization of Rural and Community Hospitals, recognizes Texas hospitals that have undertaken quality initiatives to improve outcomes in patient care and improve their performance on specific national quality measures.