Throwing Injuries In Children

One of the more common injuries in children’s sports—specifically in baseball—is medial apophysitis, more commonly known as Little Leaguer’s elbow. Baseball pitchers are most susceptible to this injury, but any athlete who throws regularly can be susceptible. If you’re concerned your child may be at risk of Littler Leaguer’s elbow, read below to make sure you know what action to take.

North Central Surgical Center Hospital Receives Two Press Ganey Awards

Each year, Press Ganey recognizes and honors organizations that have accomplished and sustained top performance. North Central Surgical Center Hospital is proud to announce that we’ve received the Guardian of Excellence award and the Beacon of Excellence award for 2014! The Guardian of Excellence Award honors facilities that have achieved the 95th percentile or higher in the composite overall rating during 2014, and the Beacon of Excellence Award honors top-performing organizations at or above the 95th percentile on the basis of extraordinary achievement and excellence for patient experience. Thank you to our amazing staff and to our community for making this achievement possible! Our CEO, Suzanne Greever received our awards today during their 2014 National Client Conference Awards Lunch.

In the News: North Central Surgical Center Hospital Featured by Nanalee Nichols

Nanalee Jeffus Nichols and her husband Thomas are natives of Deport, Texas, where they own a small herd of cattle and a host of community newspapers. Nanalee has been in the newspaper business for 37 years and won First Place in the Texas Press Association Better Newspaper Award four times. She’s also the medical captain of the Deport Volunteer Fire Department, and an Intermediate EMT. Her ability to work, serve and play was being limited by severe back pain, and she could barely walk at times until back surgery at North Central Surgical Center restored her to full health.

Hypothermia: Prevention and Treatment

Hypothermia is a lowering of the body’s core temperature, and it’s a potentially dangerous condition that can occur when the body is exposed to cold or moisture. Your body’s natural response to cold is shivering, which is a mechanism used to re-warm the body. Eventually, however, that shiver response is not enough to keep your body warm, which can result in hypothermia. When left untreated, hypothermia can be fatal.