Gynecology is a branch of medicine in which the physician specializes in the functions and diseases specific to females, especially those affecting the reproductive system. Gynecologists provide preventative care, diagnose any disorders related to the female productive system, and create a treatment plan.

Our highly trained gynecological surgeons at North Central Surgical Center provide women with innovative options when gynecological surgery is necessary. Our facility offers less invasive surgical options for some surgical procedures that enable most women to return to daily activities in less time and with less discomfort than with traditional surgery.

  • Some of the top Gynecologic conditions treated at North Central Surgical Center include:

    • Amenorrhea 
    • Endometriosis 
    • Menorrhagia 
    • Ovarian Cyst

North Central Surgical Center offers advanced pelvic and perineal reconstruction procedures that can help restore the normal structure and function of the affected urinary and genital organs. These surgeries are often necessary for individuals whose birth deformities, disease, trauma, or cancer have been impacted. When a tumor is excised from the lower pelvis, it can result in large, open wounds or the loss of significant amounts of tissue in the perineal area. Our expert surgeons can perform reconstructive procedures to address these types of tissue defects, including forming new genitals, bladder, or pelvic floor muscles and tissues. Trust us to provide compassionate and cutting-edge care to help you regain a sense of normalcy in your life.