The Female Athlete Triad: The Dangers of Disordered Eating and Excess Exercise

The Female Athlete Triad is a combination of illnesses that can seriously endanger athletically-driven girls or women who feel intense societal pressure to stay thin. The triad’s three interrelated conditions—disordered eating, menstrual dysfunction and premature osteoporosis—occur when a girl or woman takes dieting and exercise to an extreme. Women can develop one, two or all three components of the triad, and they all can seriously hinder athletic performance and damage long-term health.

The Importance of Wearing a Helmet

With temperatures finally cooling down, it’s important to brush up on bike safety rules so your kids can ride safely and enjoy the cooler weather. For both adults and children, the most important way to stay safe on a bike is to always wear a helmet. No matter how skilled a roadster your child may be, it’s important they wear a helmet any time they ride a bike, go roller skating or hop on a skateboard.