Stretching for your daily exercise

Most of us have been taught to stretch before we exercise ever since our days playing dodgeball in P.E. class. Although there’s still debate over whether stretching before exercise can actually prevent an injury, there is no doubt that stretching is beneficial to your physical health. It increases circulation by encouraging blood flow and supplying nutrients to muscles and cartilage, and has been shown to reduce stress by easing tense muscles and even alleviating lower back pain.

Our facilities at North Central Surgical Center

Since its opening in 2005, North Central Surgical Center has been named one of Becker’s Hospital Review’s “81 Physician-Owned Hospitals to Know,” rated in the top 5 percent in Patient Satisfaction in America for inpatients, and received the Gold-level TMF Texas Hospital Health Quality Improvement award. These accolades can be attributed not just to our talented, hardworking physicians and nurses, but also to our impressive facilities designed to help guide our patients through a quality recovery.

Doctor Profile: Dr. Kurt Kitziger

Dr. Kurt Kitziger moved to Dallas amid unforeseen circumstances. Originally from New Orleans, he ran a thriving orthopaedic practice in his hometown, following in the footsteps of his father, a well-known orthopaedist. When Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005, he was forced to move his family and his practice and ended up in Dallas, a move that wasn’t easy for the surgeon. He has since established himself and become a key member of the North Central Surgical Center team.

Featured Physician Dr. Burkhead

Widely known and respected for the creating modular replacement for the shoulder, Dr. Wayne Burkhead, MD has been a Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon practicing at The Carrell Clinic in Dallas, TX since 1983. As the author of scientific articles, book chapters and textbooks on the subject of the rotator cuff and dislocating shoulder, Dr. Burkhead has lectured at both national and international conferences and holds numerous awards and accolades for his work. Most recently named the President of the American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons, Dr. Burkhead is considered an expert in the field and is esteemed amongst his peers.

Are knee braces effective?

Knee braces may be worn to provide knee stability, prevent injury and protect the knee while healing from an injury or surgery. But are they really effective?

There are studies that suggest wearing a knee brace can help reduce knee pain and instability. However, there are also studies suggesting there are no clinical benefits to wearing knee supports. In order to assess the effectiveness of a knee brace, it’s important to consider the type of knee support in question. There are five general categories of knee braces: Prophylactic braces, functional braces, rehabilitative braces, unloader braces and knee sleeves.