The power of a positive outlook

You may not have much control over the circumstances life throws at you, but you—and only you—have control over how you handle those circumstances, and positivity is key.

Maintaining a positive outlook on life and starting each new day with a positive mindset is linked to happiness and life satisfaction. But sometimes being positive doesn’t come easily. Here are some tips to help you improve your positivity.

Tips for preventing urinary tract infections

Nearly 10 million doctor visits every year are the result of one common, unpleasant culprit: urinary tract infections (also sometimes called cystitis or bladder infection).

According to the National Kidney Foundation, urinary tract infections (UTIs) affect one in five women at least once in her lifetime. Women who have had at least one recurring UTI are much more likely to have even more. In fact, nearly 20 percent of women who have had a UTI will have another one. Of those, about 30 percent will have a third, and of those 30 percent, an estimated 80 percent will have more recurrences. Repeated UTIs may be caused by another underlying health condition.