7 Reasons Why So Many Diets Fail

Diets are started with the best of intentions – to lose a couple of inches off the waistline, get into better shape, and improve overall health. However, as the weeks and months pass by, the initial weight loss that generally occurs slows down resulting in boredom and lack of motivation. Sugary treats may seem irresistible and before you know it, you have regained all the lost weight and then some!

Treatment for a Herniated Cervical Disc

There are 6 cervical discs located in your neck, which act as shock absorbers and prevent your cervical vertebrae from grinding against each other during neck movements. As your body ages, however, the cervical discs lose water and become stiff. These biochemical changes along with a slouching posture, improper nutrition, direct trauma, lack of exercise, and tobacco abuse can cause disc herniation, which is the displacement of the disc material beyond the intervertebral space.